LABOR is a proud member of architect LOUIS KAHN RESEARCH TEAM in Estonia. The research is based on the hypothesis that Kahn was born on Estonian island Saaremaa and visited Estonia in the late 1920s’ as a young architect on his European tour.
The visual study shows that Kahns’ fundmental architecture has its roots in medieval Kuressaare. After a development of several years, LABOR produced a prototype for a typeface dedicated to Louis I. Kahn in 2018.



Kahn. Bold Typeface. A prototype for a typeface dedicated to Louis Kahn (exhibition poster), 2018

Kahn. The Islander. Exhibition at Kuressaare Castle, 2016

KAHN special issue – Kunst.ee, magazine of Art and Visual Culture in Estonia, 2012

KAHN special issue – Ehituskunst No. 47/48, investigations on architecture and theory, 2007


Photographs by Arne Maasik, 2019